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Aerial Yoga - All Levels


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In Aerial Yoga All Levels classes or workshops, we’ll move through creative flow sequences, both in and out of the silks, transition to balance and strength poses, and then explore a few basic aerial ‘tricks’. The teacher will lead students through movements that will allow you to invert, others will have you swinging from side to side, or allow you to stand suspended in air. The teacher will help guide and assist all students in and out of the poses. 

  • Levels – This class is geared towards all levels, whether you are a beginner or have been practicing yoga (or aerial yoga) for years!
  • Duration ​– Varies (check schedule)
  • Class Flow – Slow to Moderate
  • Teacher Assistance – Teacher will provide assistance to all students during class!
  • Inversions – Basic to moderate inversions are included in this class type
  • Prerequisite – Intro Workshop / Class strongly recommended