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Having community-centric roots growing up in the heart of the Midwest, we wanted to create a Yoga offering that incorporated the artful, urban and diverse vibe of Downtown Phoenix that we now call home. Our Yoga journey began when learning you can use your own strength, endurance and flexibility to seek an artful form of one's inner calm and peace while creating a sense of oneness. 

Dedicated to supporting an inclusive local community, we encourage and support yogis and yoginis of all skill levels to elevate their Yoga practice with us. Taught by Yoga Alliance certified instructors, Elevate Yoga offers a peaceful, flexible fitness option that is fun, affordable and open to the entire community. Whether in one of our group classes or in a private session, we embrace and support an inclusive Yoga practice.

Where We Are

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What We Do

In an Elevate Yoga class you will learn the techniques needed to elevate your traditional Yoga practice while refining your focus on yogic traditions.

  • Practice real Yoga, elevated 
  • Learn from Yoga Alliance certified instructors
  • Enhance your traditional asana practice
  • Learn basic and advanced aerial Yoga poses
  • Relieve stress and find your center
  • Be playful and challenge yourself!

Get to Know Us

& wellness


Everyone in good health can benefit from Elevate Yoga & Wellness classes and no previous aerial, acrobatic, or Yoga experience is necessary! Whether you are a beginner or an instructor, you are invited to become a member of the Elevate Yogi(ni) family!

  • Establish proper body mechanics and postural alignment
  • Perfect your sense of balance
  • Build strength & flexibility while the hammock holds your weight
  • Explore deeper flexibility and range of motion
  • Gain fine muscular control and increased strength
  • Develop awareness of the subtle energy body within asana practice

We have a variety of locations we offer classes in, ranging from local parks, breweries, art galleries, coffee shops, or your own home! We are dedicated to making Yoga accessible to everyone by offering a variety of experiences in different settings. 

Our unique approach promotes creativity, collaboration, and inclusiveness all in the spirit of community. This approach creates the perfect energy, promoting relaxation that allows you to center the mind and uplift your spirit, in whatever space speaks to you! 

Dedicated to partnering with local Phoenix business owners, Elevate Yoga & Wellness students have the flexibility to practice Yoga in whatever environment that works for them: enjoy a cup of java before class, browse an art gallery and gain some inspiration before they take flight, stay for a local craft brew with friends after savasana, or enjoy your practice the comfort of your own home with a private session.

Who We Are